BET ON SPORTS Professionals realize the importance of managing your bankroll properly.
You have to know how to recalculate the size of your units as well as how much you can withdraw
from your bankroll at any time.

We will show you how to size your bets according to

(1) your risk tolerance and financial goals and
(2) the duration (number of bets) of your investment.

Just as we use rigorous mathematical models to consistently pick winners against the spread,
we use simple but powerful financial formulas to achieve the greatest risk-adjusted
return possible from those selections.

For bettors with a relatively low risk tolerance who are investing their money for one season,
we will describe how to use a relatively flat betting structure, where your bets remain constant
throughout the season. For bettors who are more risk tolerant, or who are investing over a period
of several seasons (one sport over several years, or several different sports in one year),
we will outline a more aggressive growth strategy with optimally fluctuating dynamic bet sizes.

If you are interested in having a handicapper manage your bankroll, or need us to make wagers for you, please us one of the deposit options below.

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